Hours and Hours (and Hours and Hours) of Andy Offutt Irwin

The Liner Notes
A long time ago, after I released my first album, I indulged in the fantasy of someday having a collection of recordings great enough in number to be worthy of rendering a boxed set.
That young(er) man pictured his neatly contained collection of CDs on bookshelves throughout this great land of ours, stately displayed above volumes 9 through 16 of various families’ sets of The Encyclopedia Britannia.
Now in this latter portion of my life (according to the sociologist Paul McCartney), I gaze upon those inventory shelves in my office and see a whole lot of my titles in that audio format that is no longer playable in automobiles made this side of 2016.
So, what I am offering is a USB drive chock full of MP3s, called
Hours and Hours of Andy Offutt Irwin
— thirteen albums in all!
(For those who are superstitious, think of it as a baker’s dozen.)
The recordings in this collection span from 1996 to 2021, all on a little thumb drive that even includes a tiny jeweler’s bail that can accommodate a necklace chain.  Yes, you can be fashion-forward and accessorize with Hours of AOI! 
The drive comes in a handsome metal box. (When you reach for it in your purse or your fanny pack, your hand may at first mistake it for those Altoids you were missing.)
“Talking about money is always vulgar.”
Dr. Marguerite Van Camp
  1. If you were to purchase thirteen CDs from the trunk of my car, the total would be $195.
  2. At certain music and storytelling festivals, thirteen CDs would set you back $220.35.
  3. But this thirteen-album set of Hours and Hours of Andy Offutt Irwin is only $75 including shipping!

Hours and Hours of Andy Offutt Irwin