June 12, 2022 – June 13, 2022 all-day
Megan & Jack's
3 Rose Valley Rd Media
PA 19063
Megan Hicks

I’ll be offering a two-day workshop – “Pin The Tail on the Narrative” – at the home of Megan Hicks and Jack Abgott. 3 Rose Valley Rd Media, PA 19063  Media, Pennsylvania 

$275 a person. Contact Megan: meganhicks@verizon.net 540-371-6775

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*Pin the Tail on the Narrative

Lawn Darts meets Eudora Welty.  This raucous workshop involves the careless throwing of pens and carefully guided steps for developing personal narratives, freeing participants to delve into the past and chip away the unmovable stone of self-doubt in order to reveal the treasure of new stories. 

*Note that your facilitator possesses the comedic maturity to avoid the spelling of the third word of the workshop title:  T – A – L – E.   You’re welcome. 

Each participant will be guided to create a list of roles they have played throughout their life, beginning in childhood, then going on through the high school years – work life,  social life,  family life,  etc.  

Three of these roles will be randomly and magically selected and paired with three “unavoidable life experiences” culled from a list of twenty.  Things like: Turning Point.   Choice.   Conflict.   Loss.   Challenge.   Decision.

Three pairs will be whittled down with the most interesting pair will be picked by a partner. 

Each participant will leave with a brand-spankin’ new story! Just you wait and see!