Andy's Record Store

You can buy Andy’s CDs (yes, those actual round plastic thingys that you stick in a slot in your Old car or your old boombox and delightful sounds happen). Just Use the Handy Order Form at the bottom of this page. Go there now if you Wish. Or, Peruse the Catalog first!

All of the albums below can be purchased as a CD from Andy,
or heard via your favorite streaming service.*

Perpetual Calendar cd

Perpetual Calendar

Flaked, Puffed, Shredded, & Clustered cd

Flaked, Puffed, Shredded, & Clustered
Storytelling World Awards-winner
Deepak Chopra – Spotify pick

Love and Armadillo Migration cd

Love and Armadillo Migration
Storytelling World Awards-winner

Squeaky on the Roof

Squeaky on the Roof

Andy's Wild Amphibian Show cd

Andy’s Wild Amphibian Show!
Storytelling World Awards-winner

2017 National Parenting Product Awards (NPPA)
L.A. Magazine Pick
2016 Parents’ Choice Award – Silver Honor

Sister True cd cover

Sister True
Storytelling World Awards-winner 


Lip Service cd cover

Lip Service (streaming only)

Risk Assessment cd cover

Risk Assessment
Storytelling World Awards-winner


Bootsie in Season cd cover

Bootsie In Season  (streaming only)
Storytelling World Awards-winner for the story: The Beauty Pageant
Just Plain Folks Awards: Best Storytelling Album


Crowd Control cd cover

Crowd Control (streaming only)


 Book Every Saturday for a Funeral

Book Every Saturday for a Funeral
Storytelling World Awards-winner

Christmas at Southern White Old Lady Hospital cd cover

Christmas at Southern White Old Lady Hospital
Storytelling World Awards-winner; Just Plain Folks Awards: Best Storytelling Album

Banana Seat cd cover

Banana Seat

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