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Make My Community More Better

Today is July 4, 2020. I feel obliged to write this italicized section, but skip it if you have a mind to. I wrote this essay for my home town paper, The Covington News, where I have been a monthly columnist since 2015. It has been on their desks for two publishing cycles – the hard paper comes...

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Mr. Buggy Man

Published in The Covington News – April 11,2020     As it is with many of us, I am trying to navigate my way through this quarantine-economy. This is the period of social distancing but I have always been in the social gathering business. Yes, I put all my eggs in the basket of being a...

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Time for a Pet Peeve

Here’s a  small morsel of good news in these otherworldly days:  even under “shelter in place,” we are all allowed – nay, encouraged – to go outside, keeping a few yards away from other humans, of course.  But it’s springtime, people! And with fewer cars on the road, there isn’t as much traffic...

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Creatures Invading the House

I saved a small life tonight. As I was pulling the covers back, I found a gecko in my bed. I grabbed it before Angela the Cat had a chance to see it. She would’ve surely captured it, hunter, that she is.  Over the years, many representatives of the local fauna have gained entry to our rustic...

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