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Latter-Day Saints’ Political Gaffes

Published in The Covington News ~ February 8, 2020. Studies and polls have confirmed that in the United States a good number of people do not trust national journalists. Well, here in Newton County I am about as local as you can get.  Heck, y’all know I ain’t even a journalist; I’m just a small...

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The Danger of Changing Our Poetry

Published in The Covington News ~ August 17, 2019. A couple of weeks ago I posted this cartoon by my friend Man Martin on Facebook and Twitter. What struck me was the utter lack of pushback. There was none.   I am not expecting the same regarding this column. In this cartoon, Jesus is...

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Cartoon Coffin: a Eulogy

Published in The Covington News ~ July 12, 2019. PREFACE  If you are a subscriber of this newspaper, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while.  Yes, gentle reader, I have been — as we say — busy. And yep, this is an actual eulogy, the one I delivered at my sister...

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The Importance of “My Bad”

Every honest, thinking person knows that there is a difference between what is simply legal and what is right, what is good and what is that which you can-get-away-with.   I remember being in the fourth grade and attending high school basketball games. (Everybody in the whole county was...

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