Dear Reader:

Here is my neat-o new website, constructed by my friend, that very able webmonkey*, Cyndi Craven.

Yes, yes, I know there of those of you who are pining for the simplicity of yesteryear and my old website, its orange and green countenance, its Georgia font, that youthful photo of me with the funeral lily in my teeth (indeed, I was looking youthful; there’s the rub.)

Now, it’s time to move on. It’s time for a more contemporary website with an easier-to-read calendar and new pages to explore.

So as we wind into this exciting new year (the millennial can legally drive solo now), let us accept this change with grace. Let us have hope in the future. Let us finish this little letter for my dog needs walking ~ in the rain, no less ~ and she is pushing my hands with her nose as she is wont to do.

Here’s to you, gentle reader and (I hope) fan. Here’s to all of us.

Happy Salutations,

*Cyndi was known as a webmonkey long before the MailChimp came down from the trees.