Race and “Good Taste”

Not long ago I was offered a gig at The [ Withholding the Large Virginia Town's Name Here ]  Arts and Culture Center.   After responding with the thank-you-for-inviting-me email, I went to the center's website to see what the place was like. There I encountered the...

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Perpetual Calendars

Now, I shall speak of time and the marking of time. Once I may have said, "the keeping of time," as in, "My granddaddy's watch keeps good time," but that's a misleading verb, isn't it?  Time is not kept; it continues to pass as the watch ticks. I do not have trouble...

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I Have Tom Thumb’s Saber!

When I was about eleven years old, my mother and I were cleaning out a small outbuilding we all called The Pack House. This was a single-car garage-sized structure on the property next to the house in which my mother grew up. The Pack House may have been a smokehouse....

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